Prof Robert Kapsa

Robert M.I. Kapsa (PhD Melbourne; BSC [Hons], Monash, Dip Front. Mgmt, Swinburne):-

Principal Research Fellow and Professor (Bionics), Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (UoW) and Head of Research, Department of Neurosciences, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne)

Professor Robert Kapsa received his PhD in 1996 in mitochondrial polymorphisms’ contribution to human disease. He has produced 96 published communications (>1626 citations, H index of 21) and been the lead investigator on a number of National (Australia) and international (USA and Europe) projects dealing with neuromuscular disease, nerve and muscle regeneration and gene editing of hereditary mutations. His 96 published outputs include two book chapters and one book. He is currently Principle Scientist, Bionics at University of Wollongong, Intelligent Polymer Research Institute, which features a role as CI within the Synthetic BioSystems platform of the ARC Centre for Electromaterials Science (ACES). He holds a joint appointment as Head of Research at the Department of Neuroscience, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. Pr Kapsa has extensive experience in tissue regeneration, cell and molecular biology, gene therapy, biochemistry and the use of polymers for tissue engineering, specifically in the area of muscle/nerve regeneration and has conducted a number of projects investigating regeneration and gene therapy in Muscular Dystrophy, and nerve regeneration.