Dr Bryce Vissel

Dr Bryce Vissel completed his PhD at University of Melbourne and then spent 10 years at the Salk Institute in the USA, working as a senior scientist at the world’s leading neuroscience laboratory. 

Dr Vissel was recruited to Australia from the Salk Institute in the USA to establish and lead research for brain and spinal cord repair, with the assistance of the State Government of NSW.  His work has gained international recognition and he received a number of awards, including the prestigious Fulbright award, a Liebermann award and a BIOFIRST award. He has played an advisory role to Government and various stockholder groups in regards to the use of stem cells in humans. He has a record of leadership and team building. 

Dr Vissel is on the Advisory Boards of Alzheimer’s Australia, Parkinson’s NSW and SpinalCure Australia. He was a founder of Spinal Cord Injury Network. Dr Vissel also regularly appears in the media and has advised State and Federal Government, committees, ministers and advisors as well as industry. He has strong international links and strong links to leading clinicians.